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This year I am sexy girl devil for Halloween. I can’t wait for the party and for the tricks and treats!

Sexy Me


Christine and I went to see Ellie at the club last night! We brought the camera to make sexy pictures! Ellie looks most attractive in her blonde wig and black panties, I think!


It is a nice club and Ellie makes very good money. She likes it better than being a dom because the hours are regular.




I asked Ellie if I can borrow her boots sometime to go dancing or to make sexy pictures. She said yes! I think I will look soooo desirable if I wear only the boots and nothing else!


This is my new favorite book for sexy reading funtime!

It is so very mysterious and a true story about an art forger. He makes pictures to look like Vermeer and is involved also with Nazis. It is soooo well written! I think the author is inside my head and speaks only to me. It is most sexiful feeling!

The author is very handsome! Ellie and Christine want him for sexy funtime in the bedroom! We would make him very happy!

Jonathan Lopez

I find this description of the book on the web. It is soooo true!

My advice: Get a copy of Jonathan Lopez’s terrific new book, “The Man Who Made Vermeers.” It’s so jam-packed and nicely written that you’ll burn right through it.

The yearning for Vermeer is central to Lopez’s story, which chronicles how Han van Meegeren was able to successfully produce numerous forgeries of works claimed to be by the painter from Delft. Look at some of those fakes today, and they seem so obviously wrong as to leave one puzzled as to how they could have been accepted by some of the 20th century’s best museum curators, art dealers and private collectors. We must be way smarter than them.

Well, no. Lopez astutely points out: “[A] fake doesn’t necessarily succeed or fail according to the fidelity with which it replicates the distant past but on the basis of its power to sway the contemporary mind. Although the best forgeries may mimic the style of a long-dead artist, they tend to reflect the tastes and attitudes of their own period.” Lopez shows how Van Meegeren split that critical difference.

Since the “tastes and attitudes” of Van Meegeren’s own period included the horrific rise of Nazism in Europe, Lopez’s fresh interpretation of events is very provocative — not to mention convincing. Two important things he brings to his four-year revisionist study: The writer is himself a painter, so he understands art materials in a hands-on way; and, he’s fluent in Dutch, which made interviews and original document research possible.

It would be hard to improve on Lopez’s gem of a tale.


I love to give boys blowjob with Durex strawberry flavored condoms. They make every boy taste like candy!

It is most important: always use condom for all kinds of sex. But choose the right ones for your sexy funtime. Ribbed and lubricated are best for regular sex (I like the latex kind – they feel almost like they aren’t there). For rough sex, bondage, discipline, role-play, SM, or anal, use extra strength condoms so you don’t worry about rips. And for oral, flavors are super tasty–banana, berry, orange, even chocolate.

Here Christine shows our favorite:



Jessica Chabot eat your heart out!


I’m going out dancing tonight with Ellie and Christine! We will all wear short, short mini-skirts and black stockings with garters! I’m going to look soooo sexy! I will fill my purse with condoms so I can have soooo much sexy time with all the hot boys tonight!


I like very much to have a boy’s penis inside me. But many boys do not know how to use penis correctly to give pleasure. Some boys stay not so longtime erected. Other boys pound sometimes very hard inside me and not give me nice warm sexy feelings. So that is why I like my vibrator. I use it every day to get big sexy climax!

My favorite vibrator is called rabbit. It is very big and powerful and needs 4 batteries! It sits very deep inside me and moves more than penis and in different ways. It has also part that stays outside to pleasure my most sexy place. It is soooooo nice!


I find on the internet this article on how to buy a vibrator.  It explains all the different kinds of vibrator and what they do for vagina and for clitoris. There is also much learning about lubricants. Every girl should read this and have many toys for all the time sexy pleasure!


A smart man is much more sexiful than handsome man. I love to make sexy time with a man like Albert Einstein. A man so genius makes me tingle between my legs.

I have read recently this e-book about Einstein. It is most excellent and very sexy reading.

Einstein was very great man. But not nice to his wife. She must ask permission to talk to him!

If I was his wife he would want to talk to me very sexy all the time because I know how to give him so much sexy pleasure with my mouth and body!

I find on the web this description of the book. It is so true!

As a scientist, Albert Einstein is undoubtedly the most epic among 20th-century thinkers. Albert Einstein as a man, however, has been a much harder portrait to paint, and what we know of him as a husband, father, and friend is fragmentary at best. With Einstein: His Life and Universe, Walter Isaacson (author of the bestselling biographies Benjamin Franklin and Kissinger) brings Einstein’s experience of life, love, and intellectual discovery into brilliant focus. The book is the first biography to tackle Einstein’s enormous volume of personal correspondence that heretofore had been sealed from the public, and it’s hard to imagine another book that could do such a richly textured and complicated life as Einstein’s the same thoughtful justice. Isaacson is a master of the form and this latest opus is at once arresting and wonderfully revelatory.


This weekend Christine got a new camera and wanted to take sexy pictures of me naked. I said okay because I like to take off my clothes and be sexy.

After we finished the pictures, Christine took off also her clothes and touched me very nice in the soft place between my legs. She kissed me there too and nibbled. It was sooooo sexiful and nice! I screamed out loud!

When Ellie came home from work she knew I had gotten a big sexy climax because my face was pink like a strawberry! Now I want to give Christine a big sexy climax too! Ellie is jealous!

Sexy me 1






In Japan we drink lots of canned coffee drinks like Georgia. They give you lots of energy all day long and are very good at night for sex! I drink lots and feel all the time ready for sexy playtime!


We stayed in last night and watched Betty Blue on DVD. It is so beautiful and the lovemaking made us all wish we had a sexy man in our bed. We would make him very happy! Zorg is soooo hot! And Betty is very beautiful too. I want my breasts to look like hers!

I found this description on the web. It is so true!

Directed by: Jean-Jacques Beineix
Starring: Béatrice Dalle, Jean-Hugues Anglade

Even the most hot-to-trot movies generally make the viewer wait before unveiling any erotic action, but not this crazily emotional romance, whose opening shot tracks in on title character Betty (a near-feral Béatrice Dalle) and her amiable paramour Zorg (Jean-Hugues Anglade) whiling away a summer afternoon, rutting like maniacs. Their fierce bond is immediately established… and to this day, even the most disinterested of viewers may wonder whether the two performers were at it for real, such is the verisimilitude of their thrusts and cries